Özge Greger

Prior to my therapeutic career, my own life was one of ups and downs. After graduating, I had a successful career in a large company. Although I spent some exciting years abroad (New Zealand, USA and the Netherlands), something was missing. From one day to the next, nothing worked. Suddenly I couldn’t perform any more and I started to have physical complaints that made everyday life more difficult. None of my symptoms could be alleviated using conventional medicine. For this reason, I began to try alternative healing methods. Until one day, I started hypnotherapy, which finally restored my health. In my practice, I only use the hypnosis methods that have helped me, as a client, and have cured all my ailments.


Since I discovered hypnosis for myself, I can’t imagine a day without it. In order to be able to offer hypnosis therapies as well, I successfully completed training as a non-medical practitioner (psychotherapy). In order to be able to offer my clients the best possible therapy methods and expertise, I regularly attend selected hypnosis seminars and hypnotherapy sessions.

  • Member of the Association of Independent Psychotherapists, Alternative Practitioners for Psychotherapy and Psychological Counsellors e.V. (Verband Freier Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und Psychologischer Berater e.V.), VFP.
  • Certified hypnotherapist of the NGH, the world’s largest professional association for hypnotherapists in the USA.
  • Training in OMNI HypnoKids® with Barbara Scholl in Cologne.
  • Training in Next Level Hypnose with Dr. Carsten Buse in Essen.
  • Training in resolving hypnosis with Dr. Floris Weber in Hamburg.
  • Training in Preetzisionshypnose and Yager Code with Dr. Norbert in Berlin.
  • Training in hypnosis for children, NLP & hypnosis and hypnosis inductions at the Thermedius Institute in Darmstadt.
  • Training in the Simpson Protocol with Stin-Niels Musche in Hamburg.
  • Training in psychotherapy and talk therapy based on the work of Carl R. Rogers at the School of alternative medicine Margit Allmeroth.
  • Licensed as a non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy by the Dusseldorf Health Office.

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