…to my private practice for hypnosis and psychotherapy in Düsseldorf, Flingern North.
My name is Özge Greger, I am 41 years old and a non-medical practitioner in the field of psychotherapy.
90-95% of what we think and do on a daily basis is controlled by the subconscious mind. Because of this, our minds can cause memories to become emotionally perpetuated in our subconscious as negative beliefs. The result is depression, anxiety, physical illness and much more.

I can assist you in this process with the help of therapeutic hypnosis.

Özge Greger – jameda.de



Therapeutic hypnosis has absolutely nothing to do with show hypnosis. You do not become unconscious and no order is said to you during hypnosis. Hypnotherapy takes place in a state of hypnotic trance where the mind’s predisposition for critical thinking recedes into the background, thereby making it possible to deal with one’s emotions.
Hypnosis enables you to tap into your inner emotions, which makes it easier to transform them.


In my practice, I have specialised in issues such as cultural difficulties, anxiety as well as compulsive perfectionism. The focus of my treatment is resolving hypnosis based on the work of Dr. Floris Weber. With the help of his method, it is possible to resolve negative emotions and remove inner blockages. Recently, I have also started to use noise cancelling headphones with noise sensitive people so that the hypnosis can be directly received without disturbing background noise from the environment. Read more about my way of working.


Your motivation is the basic premise for achieving successful therapy. Deep personal change also requires some patience and a commitment to confronting painful issues.
My task in this process is to support you with the right form of therapy. During a pre-therapy consultation, we will personally determine what the course of treatment will be. If you feel that I am the right person to help you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that this is a private practice and the costs are not covered by statutory health insurance. You can find out about my fees here.

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