Telephone-based Information Session (15mins)

New clients can book an information session with me by phone. Please inform yourself in detail on my website so that we only clarify the open questions.

Please note: This free information session is only for potential clients. Not for relatives/acquaintances/friends of clients. In this case, please use my chargeable consultation.

Make an information appointment here.


Consultation (30min)

Telephone consultation for relatives/acquaintances/friends of clients. You can also book it between our hypnosis sessions, for individual counselling or supervision.

Make a consultation appointment here.


Preliminary Talk With Hypnosis Or Relaxation

During our preliminary talk in my practice, I would like to learn more about you. You will receive your first hypnosis or relaxation session in my practice after our talk. If we decide not to work together, I will only charge the fee for the preliminary talk (100€).

Make an appointment here.


Follow-up Session

You can decide whether you would like to have hypnotherapy (up to 60 min) or talk therapy (up to 90 min) session.

For extensions of the session, I charge 20€ per 15 minutes.


I record an individual hypnosis audio on a desired topic for you.

Clients who are in a current treatment with me receive a discount.


Weekend Surcharge
I am happy to be there for you at the weekend if you cannot make appointments on weekdays. For this I charge a 15% surcharge on all prices: preliminary talk with hypnosis 345€ and hypnotherapy for 160€.


Cancellation Fees

Appointments cancelled up to 48 hours in advance during opening hours Monday to Friday are free of charge. For example, if you have an appointment on Monday at 11 a.m., cancellation is free of charge until 11 a.m. on the Thursday before. 

Cancellations that are made later or non-appearance at the appointment will be fully charged.

Please understand that the full fee must also be charged in case of illness.

All sessions can be realised in German, Turkish and English.

It is very important to me that you achieve a verifiable therapeutic success. For this, I recommend hypnosis sessions with a two-week interval between each hypnosis. Some clients come weekly in the beginning. As they get better, we increase the intervals between therapy sessions.

I offer fixed prices so that my clients can relax and enjoy the therapy without always keeping an eye on the costs.


You can conveniently pay for all services in my practice with a debit card (EC card) or with the following payment methods. You pay for these at the end of all sessions:

You can claim your expenses as an extraordinary cost in your tax return.

Those with private health insurance and supplementary insurance will be reimbursed for the cost of therapeutic treatment in full or in part. Please contact your health insurance company in advance for further information.